Someday, somewhere, someone might come up with a more herculean effort. Today, on planet earth, however, swimming 2.4 miles, then riding a bike for another 112 and topping it all off with a full marathon is no doubt what brings humans closest to Greek Gods. And the place chosen for the ultimate triathlon challenge is Hawaii, where superhuman athletes from around the world get together to put to the test years and years of the most grueling training a person can endure. And this year, among them is Eduardo Malucelli – a 37-year-old lawyer and the doting father of a 12-year-old girl – but make no mistake, that’s as close as he gets to being a regular guy: juggling family, work and relentless daily practice in his hometown of Curitiba, in southern Brazil, Eduardo is gearing up for the race of a lifetime. Congratulations! Now go make us even prouder!

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